Thursday, May 28, 2009

22th-28th of May 2009

the very night after our exams, we went to SKYBAR for gathering, its kinda a history for me since this is the very first time in my life stepping my foot into a bar.. sounds a bit mountain tortoise rite?:).. well, it was a nice experience.. not that messy and complicated as i always thought it to be.

Location: Skybar, 33rd Floor, Traders hotel.

This bar is unique in the sense that there is a pool inside the bar and its partially open air and it is high on top of the hotel..

group photo 1

the 4 friends who sits in class together for almost every class during inter..

group pic 2

the view outside the bar

after the gathering, since i did not makan for my dinner, we went to ss2 murni's for makan, since klang ppl, ahem ahem.. you know who you are, never ever visited the famous mamak before

next, BAGAN LALANG, SEPANG GOLDCOAST on the 24th of May.

Anis and Joe should be in the picture, but last minute they couldnt make it, but well , there is always another time

how can we not take lots and lots of pictures when we were there... from left: oops, i couldnt recognise whose shadow is that dy:)

small "kids" playing with kites and competing antara satu sama lain..

the sunset view, romantic rite?

Next, it was dinner time!!.. Ate some seafood which comprises of sotong,lala,fish, and erm, bambu lala together with nasi lemak telur.

it was a very shinny-hot-sun and tiring day, but we do enjoyed ourselves playing on the beach with the kites, discovering some cute sea creatures( or corpses to be more precise) and sitting by the beach and allow the waves to brush us wet again and again.

25th of May,

went to subang square with mianyi to change her external harddisk and then we spent most our time in sunway pyramid. Met up with samantha to pass her some notes and discuss with her some past year questions, glad that i still remembered what i've learned...

Steamboat dinner was our main agenda actually... so we went to Yuen's steaboat just opposite Sunway Pyramid.

To most of my friends, going to genting is like going for shopping in midvalley, but as for me, it had been years since i last went to genting. The last time i went was when i m form 2 or 3 i guess..

and now, I'm back in MUAR ... woohoo... home sweet home!
p/s: i'll try not to get fat!! :)
I'll be going back to KL on the 5th and attending the District Rotaract Assembly and District Awards Night on the 6th.

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