Saturday, May 23, 2009

the sweet smell of freedom

For the past 9 months or so, there is nothing in me that does not involve my studies, wherever i m, what ever i do, the thought of books and studies will for sure come into my mind. simply because i dun want to fail! before this, whenever i feel like enjoying and not studying for a day, the guilt in me is so strong that sometimes it affects me and prevent me from enjoying to the fullest..

but , now its finally over! no more thinking of law law law for the time being, and hopefully i need not reopen the books and subjects that i've studied before in my first year. its so scary to see all my books and materials lying on the floor, the bed,on the table , on the chair and everywhere! i kid you not!

For the four days of exams, which takes up about two weeks of my time, the time spent is not at all smooth, there are times when i get panic, times when i just dun feel like continuing to study anymore, envying ppl that can sleep early but i need to stay up wake at nite and i just cant comprehend in words how do we feel minutes before going into the exam hall!

studying is like eating and eating and eating, when you enter the exam hall, the 3 hours is for us to vomit out. the most scary part is not that u can vomit out and clear your stomach, but is that you really want to vomit but nothing comes out of it ..

I realise how God works in our favour, that sometimes we just doesnt notice it, because we just overlook it at times and give credit for our own intelligence and hard work. Weeks before our actual exam, the whether is unbearably hot,although when our exams are approaching, it is still like that, but at least it rains! this helps me a lot in my studies, the more cooling it is, the more not pek chek someone will be. PTL! Even during our exams, for most of the paper, i'm not saying that i'll do well, but at least i have points to write, something for me to vomit it out, I'm sure He is doing something great!although during my common law paper which is the less stressful paper for some ppl, i panicked before i went into the hall+ the effects on waking up at 3 a.m to study, i can say that i almost give up on that paper , imagine i sat there 15 mins and no points came into my head. i was like .. how can this be ? i studied. Some how eventually when i force my self on it, i manage to bla out some points, i really hope i can just pass that paper and need nt retake which saves me a lot of hassle..but i thank God i did not walk out of the hall and gave up just like that . If not i will for sure fail and there is no hope at all for me to past , at least for that paper, i manage to answer 4 questions~ at least there is stil chance for me to pass.

So what should i do next?... enjoy enjoy and enjoy !. .. i promise interesting gadgets update will be up soon !...

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