Thursday, May 28, 2009

gadget updates- i'm a happy boy!! oops, no , is man:)

i'm back in muar and at last get to see my new nokia E63 after so long, it is very true that the time and moment spent waiting and craving for something is more thrilling when u actually get hold of that particular thing:)... hehe ...manage to play with it a little but not in detail yet since i juz came back yesterday and was really tired.. anyway, i've traded in the sony w910i for quite a reasonable price for this ..

the old ipod touch is too thick(although it serves as a good protector), uncle john had bought me a thinner and slimmer 1,which means it looks more classy and reflective of the also exact size of the ipod touch.

belkin leather case

Tada, here is the mobile wrist watch!..i no longer need to bring two handphones when i have juz two pockets on my pants, it works pretty well. Can be used with or without a bluetooth headset.Furthermore, it supports photo viewing, sms, media player, bluetooth and others. The functions are the same as a normal phone, it's just that the screen is smaller and can be worn on the wrist!

Ever since i owned an ipod touch, the home button(represented by the red circle) always gives me problem and i m rendering under such an impression that it is actually nt a button but a sensor or something like dat, because it is very hard to press. until recently, when i remove the screen protector, only i realise that actually its a button, same as the 2nd gen ipod touch. It was actually the plastic protector which hinders me from pressing the button all this while ..
Moving from that, since the button is working well now, i manage to jailbreak my ipod,and as seen above( the icon with a white circle), i can now download 3rd party applications for my ipod!

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