Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sanga BBQ Steamboat, Muar

Instead of going out of muar for Saturday nights for dinners, we've decided to try out a buffet bbq steamboat restaurant in Muar. I think it had been in existence for quite some time, just that we only noticed it recently...

A hot plate and a bowl of soup were provided. The price per pax is Rm 18.90 and the soup cost Rm3.00 seperately. Wow, this is considered as KL standard dy. In KL, around the same price will be charged too. Oh well, it proves to be quite worthwhile..

A variety of food to be chosen. Ranging from frozen food to raw meats( all kinds of meat), to seafoods , mushroom and vegetables. Apart from the frozen food, i would think that they are quality food except they are mostly high in cholestrol..

notice the hot plate?... sudah pun hangus. Time to stop eating ... haha .. we ate for as long as 2hours yesterday. Eating stamina not bad.. :)

and yeah, ending my eating marathon with a big far crab!!

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