Monday, August 31, 2009

1st of September 2009...A "good" start..

Immediately a day after independence day, prices started to increase, it is really good for the bus company but it is "good" for us as students and normal citizens of Malaysia. The bus fair increase for almost 100% . Initially it was Rm 2 for the whole day and now the bus company created the zonal system which will cost approx Rm 1.90 per trip for me and for those staying in PJ, it cost around rm2.50 per trip!.... No more per day but per trip!!!....

Just when i thought owning a car and car pooling is a better option now, the price of fuel increased as well. Did u realise that although the headline is rather convincing and affortable to all since it is only 5 sens increase per litre..The reality is , not many places are selling the RON 95 type of petrol!... Normally people will use the Ron 97!

since now RON 97 is considered as a premium product, the price increase from 1.80 to 2.05... an increase of 25 sens!
A rather brilliant way to cover up for the 25sens increase with the 5 sens increase headlines!

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