Sunday, August 30, 2009

Priceless,yet not valueless

These are my collections of Hotlink top up cards from the very start of the Maxis prepaid service till now. That is like long long time ago, way back when i was only standard 4 or 5. The sim pack at that time was Rm238 as compared to now, Rm8+ we will be able to get 1 already. I think i have all the collections of different kinds of top up cards.

I think i can open a stall selling top up cards, without value, but remember, its not priceless too!:P

As time goes by, the card gets smaller and smaller. When it first started, the cards were as hard as the ATM cards but now, not anymore. Sometimes, shops do not even provide us with the cards anymore.

Football fans will like these cards.. :)

Aside from the top up cards, i used to collect other type of cards too. This four cards above came esp from china during the Olympic games in 2000 issued by the Bank of China
After digging my room, i realise that i have quite a number of hobbies back then when i m still a teen, or a small boy..:)


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