Friday, November 20, 2009

The evolution of handphones

Ever wondered how handphones evolve over time in the say,pass 20 years?

Yea, here it goes,

Enjoy appreciating it. As you look back to all those old old phones, you will really think wow there has really been a tremendous improvement in terms of design and functionality. However, ppl often say as time goes by, handphones become smaller. I do not quite agree with this, as you can see from the picture below, it has been constantly changing from a big to small and small to big fashion.

One thing can be true, not the phone gets smaller or bigger. Its actually the screen which makes the difference.

I'm actually quite proud of the amout of collections that I have. Not that literal meaning of proud of course. The 1 mobile phone that I'm still yearning for is the 1 older than what is shown in the picture. The very big 1 which normally ppl name it "dai ko dai". Looks a bit like a water bottle, anyone wants to do charity and supply me with 1? I will not yearn for the even older than the "dai ko dai" phone since it actually cost like 20k to buy it last time.

So far, the 1 phone that I've never tried is Blackberry which can be said as the queen of mobile phones for now.

Anyone wants to trade their phones with me ? :)

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