Friday, November 20, 2009

I'm already dreaming to be a big and successful boss

As Mr Loo Kai Teik and I were walking around Ampang Lookout Point that day during Jenna's birthday. I noticed that there is a very big apportunity for me to invest there. The atmosphere, dining,location is so right but just lack of 1 thing.


If I've the capital now , I will not hesitate to invest, like seriously. I'll hand in my proposal to the relevant authority and start building my own hotel/chalet there. There is nothing to suggest that this idea wont work like seriously. The amount of ppl going there everyday says of its beautiful scenery there and I'm sure that there are tourist who will wish to stay there for a night or two. It may well be a substitute for Genting. I want to be the 2nd Lim Goh Tong. I'll be more than happy if any big bosses of any large cooperation are willing to invest in this and I'll make this a success . I hope they are reading this.

This is actually closely link with my dream of building up my own cafe and I can link all this together.

Feel free to call me and be my partner if you are interested to build another "Genting" in Ampang Lookout Point

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