Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dare to be Daniel

Have been wanting to post something about my thoughts since yesterday, but the guilt and the passion to study Law of Trust deters me from doing so. Since, at last , yeah at last i manage to finish the lecture pack on Section 53(1)(c) LPA 1925, the guilt is gone and I can blog freely now. I would say that just 1 subsection and its enough to confuse us for a few weeks.

Well back to what I wanted to blog about. Humans, everyone is subjected to the views of other people. I guess this what we call it as judging somebody. Whether you like it or not, that's the fact. Its hard for people in a sense to not judge a person when they first met or even after being friends for some time and more often that not , we tend to infer something on them . Lets call it human nature. It's perfectly fine, although in principal its still wrong to judge a person by looking just at their appearance if the judgement to a certain extent is right. You have a loser face, therefore you are a loser. This happens so often in our society.

This leads me to think. Am i suppose to give people a good impression in terms of outlook and even character? So that in people's eyes and mind they will think that, * wow, daniel is cool man, he is clever man, he is a gadget freak, and the list goes on and on*

For all that have happened to me, since my childhood days till now, I guess what i need to do is just to be myself. If people want to think me as someone who is incapable of doing things, so be it. As long as I am able to be accountable to my own self and satisfied with what I've achieved.

What i commonly encounter will be, Daniel is a joker, he is in a way childish. Btw, this explains why kids like to play with me . What I m going to tell myself is,just dare to be Daniel. Why change for the sake of changing people's impression ? Of course I m not saying that we should not change, change although is good, but when you change to much, you will lost the essence of yourself!

Daniel is who Daniel is .

People can say all they 1. I am me , me am I ... :)