Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A reflection back into year 2009

Guess its not too late to post up pictures and memories of year 2009. :)

The year started of with some of us attending District Rotary Conference ins Ipoh

soon after, it was Chinese New Year

Followed by Valentine's day

We did crazy stuff in the room :)

Not forgetting to study as well. Went to startbucks and coffee bean numerous times.

Just before revision kicks in, It was my 20th birthday

Just like a glimpse of the eyes, it was end of our Year 1 semester. It's time for us to go for battle which starts from may and end in may as well.

We celebrated our freedom in Sky Bar.

Went to Bagan Lalang Beach

and Genting with dear.

During the 3 months long holiday. I worked as a tuition teacher in a private tuition centre and Kumon.
Came up to KL occasionally to attend Rotaract and Rotary Functions.

Traded in my Sony Ericson phone and changed to Nokia E63

At the same time, Uncle John gave me the mobile watch
Sister's convocation in August
Jessica's farewell dinner with the EYMers

College started in September. Added this two phones into my gadget collection

My installation as the Rotaract President in October.

Few days after that, received my pre ordered iPhone.

Happenings in November refer to the previous post.. :p. December. Went to District Interact Conference to share about constitutional rights and convention of child rights. Went to visit the myanmanr refugees with members of Christian Fellowship and attended District Rotaract Conference.

End the year with Christmas and New Year countdown at the Curve. No pictures of it as for now .

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last photo courtesy of edmund!