Sunday, January 10, 2010

The "S" Factor..

Just as I reached home and after bathing, I went straight to bed and slept. Too tired, just cant take it. When I woke up, it's already 12.40 a.m. . Was struggling in bed after that, to wake up study or continue sleeping.

It was not an easy decision to make, but at last I woke up and feed on my land law textbook. Ms Santhi, just reminded us today that we have only 4 months left. Yea, 4 months only, dats it. Which means I would only have 1 month to study for each subject before going for second year exams. As scary and shattering as it may sound, I appreciate the fact that she told us about it . Insignificant but significant statements like this sometimes serve as a wake up call.

From now on, its time for me to spend more time reading the law. Yes more, I need to study more to keep myself away from guilt and be satisfied with myself.

The irony is this, on 1 hand, its enjoyeable to be slaggy and relax,but on the other hand the guilt haunts me!

My aim: A second class upper mark for this year's exams.

I love Tort and Land Law, I dislike Evidence and Trust.

I suddenly feel so motivated to study. I hope this will be the case even after I wake up tomorrow morning :)

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