Sunday, May 2, 2010

The 240 hours clock starts ticking..

The nearer it is, the time will be faster it seems.

In 10 more days, I will be once again face with another life challenge. My final part 1 exams.

Am I prepared? This is a question I cant answer.

The feeling as compared to last year it seems almost the same. Last year, I have subjects like Public Law to be very very worried about. Probably due to the large scope of exam questions and it is essay based.

This year, I'm face with the Law of Trust. The toughest subject in the entire L.L.B. course. I really hope I wont be retaking any.

This few days I guess my room will essentially be the college library as that is presumably the most conducive place to study.

Some how today I have an incomprehensible feeling and thought. Today is the last class, at least for us, Evidence students.

Eh, I thought I just sat in the criminal law revision class yesterday? The truth that it has been 1 year since.