Saturday, May 29, 2010

Exams are over. Time for some reflection..

I feel so relieved because exams are officially over. Even before the end of my final paper, I was already smiling to myself.

It's not because I know I'll score. I'm just happy for the fact that it's now over already. How torturing it was i must say.

From the start of my 2nd year life as a law student, I was very determined to get at least 2B+ for my part 1 so that I'll be able to be more relax f or my final year. I told myself, no matter what I must get it.

After the exams, even right after my first paper which is on the 12th May, my hopes were tarnished. I lost the ability to strive for B+. I guess a lot of my friends will agree with me. I just hope to get 4Bs and move on to my final year..

The deal for us 2nd year student is this. Its either you get at least a B or might as well just fail it and retake. Simply because it determines our classification.

For my tort paper which is the first paper. I was really determined to pin down the paper and get good grades out of it. I love that subject, I memorize, understand and studied a lot for it. The most confident paper out of the 4 subjects. At the end when I walk out of the hall, I was disappointed . Its as if my B+ or even B is gone. The only thing I m happy with is that I tried my best.

As for Law of Evidence, my second paper. It's rather technical. I mean the subject matter. The questions throughout the years are quite settled and they tend to repeat the issues. Before revision, I do not really enjoy studying it. With the continuous encouragement from my lecturer, I hold on to it and try my best to understand it. At the end of it, I feel that i rather like the subject. The only thrilling and scary part is the fact that there's a compulsory essay question.

What I can say for this paper is that, it's do-able. However, there were still some changes of trend. Essays were much easier this time. Which a lot of us just prepared for 1 essay topic. We plan to conquer the problem questions. Only to know that, examiners this round, they inserted to questions from the same topic which most of us will not do. So its like we have no choice but forced to do .

Did not feel that depress for my second paper. BUT, my second and third paper is not even 48 hours away. The 3rd paper was the paper I tremble the most. Law of Trust. Its like a ghost haunting me all the time! The 1 and the half days studying for it, I almost gave up . How can I possibly revise everything within one day?

Those who are taking this subject will know. Till now, I cant really understand fully the case of Vandervell v IRC and Grey v IRC. Before i enter into the exam hall, I keep telling myself, I will be failling this paper! Not enough time for me to study . But, Thank God. I manage to calm down and do what ever its within my means.

The 3rd and 4th paper there's a 7 day gap in between . So its not that tedious. Seeing the inter students finishing their papers earlier than us. We tend to lose "steam" a bit but we still persevere to the end!

I really do not know what my ultimate verdict will be in a few months time . I tried my best. Throughout this whole exam experience. I must say my perspective of things changed. A lot.

Now, its time for me to get back and catch up with my IT interest and my iPad craving craze is back again!:)


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I appreciate your PO very much the picture with the article. Continues to refuel!!

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KDADK said...

i have no idea what everyone else is talking about but i totally understand where your coming from well atleast from the beginning of the post. I HATE exams =)

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