Sunday, May 2, 2010

A slipped-by golden opportunity.

Receive a call from Nokia, Malaysia a few days ago.

When I received the call, I know something good is coming to me. The person in charge told me I've been shortlisted for "The Rookie" Nokia Contest. The essense of it is something like a battle/ contest between tech-savvy ppl in Malaysia.

Each will be given a Nokia phone and need to complete the task given. Further, the final 12 candidates will be given an internship in big firms like Nokia , and also 8tv. The champion will receive a 10k cash award.

The guy asked me to go for shooting( as in all those tv shooting ) for a full 10 days in May. What's wrong with that ? I'm having my second year law finals!

Too bad, I have to reject this offer that I've much awaited. This contest have to give way for my exams.

I missed a chance to prove myself to be capable and be proud of the inherent skills( a little bit la ) for mobile phones and techonogical gadgets!

Interest/hobbies v Studies.