Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dreams of Faith

The day before yesterday, I made a dream. Quite a horrifying 1. Perhaps due to what people was talking and discussing during the day.

I dreamt that my rented room is haunted!The "ghost" was running across my room and stuff like that. I was horrified. Immediately, I say out a prayer to God in my dream to chase them away. In my dream, Koh Esther was there. I pulled her hand and requested her to pray for me too! There after, I woke up from my dream.

When I was awake, I thought to myself while walking out to the mainroad to wait for the bus, this must be a dream of faith.

Sometimes in reality and real life,we do not even remember to pray when something happens.

Yesterday nite, I dreamt that my luagage bag was stolen.I did not panic I was just calm and cool about it. After sometime, I received a call from Aunty Irene and she said that hey come and collect your bag. The bag is with me.

Arent this a dream of faith as well. Knowing that something will turn out alright?

Is this a sign? Is there something that God wants to convey to me through my dreams?

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