Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Final Hour Before August Ends

I'll take this opportunity to write down about how my August has been.

My prayer answered. It was not a roller coster ride for me this August. Everything seems to fall in place. Ranging from my work, my studies,my daily needs,my daily wants and companionship and family, everything seems to be fine, very fine. Everyone is happy.

I should and can say that this is 1 of the happiest month ever throughout the whole year. I've always been ready to face challenges and trials because I know happy moments normally will not last.However, I'm overwhelmed that now even the final hour of August. I'm still feeling how I felt since the starting of the month.

Shifted to my own rented room.Everything went on smoothly, getting settled down.Learning to be independent. Getting myself familiarize with that area.

Started work at Home Treasues which open my eyes to a lot of new things to explore and learn. Experiences such as dealing with big clients and negotiating with them, operating UBS, and even to open my eyes to see how a business operates as a whole. Closed a few deals which I m thankful of.

As mentioned, received my results. Finally can sigh with relief. Now, at home for a few days to feel the warmth of being at home.All else taken care of.

Get to play with my new gadgets,get to spend time with dear and having dinners together.

Words just cant describe how the month of August has been treating me.

I have a specific thing to thank God of . When I close a deal with an international customer and of course receive some commission, I was really doubtful. I was thinking myself, is this the sum of money God gave me to refer or resit any paper once i get my dreadful results?

The answer turn out to be in the negative. PTL.

Since I've not bought myself what I really wanted for quite some time, I guess I could use this hard earn money to buy myself some of my heart desires.

Amongst others.

iPad keyboard dock.

Wild Channel Back Pack.

Padini Watch.

Leather casing for iPhone.

Converse shoes. (together with dear).

August 2010.I'll remember you..:)

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