Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Wait...

Couldnt find the urge to blog about my results since last monday. Today, I finally found the urge and the inspiration to blog about it.

The Wait-why?

The result releasing date was scheduled to be out on last monday but some of my friends by chance managed to check it on friday. This really got us very very tensed up.Pressing the refresh button once in a few minutes.Imagine that, the mental torture that we had for the 2-3 days before the results were officially out and this is not inclusive of the mental torture we had since right after the exams.

I was alone when I manage to check my results, I refreshed the page just to test my luck and POP. My results came out right in front of me.Dear was checking for me throughout the two days as well.

It fall short of my expectation a bit, just like how my others friends do but I'm glad and thank God for my results. At the same time, its a sad thing to know some of our close friends are unable to continue the race till we graduate and are forced to refer or retake.

I'm glad that my parents and family members are happy with my results.I'm happy myself too as I can proceed and be a Final year law student and enter into the next chapter of my life.

How fast time zooms by. The time when I receive my disastrous SPM results seems to be like just a few days ago.

Everything happens for a reason. It is because of that which I ve learnt a lesson and be consistent in my students from A-Levels till where I am now. The fear of it is still there.

So what's the fear we are talking about here?
Meeting own expectations?Parents expectation?Ppl's judgement?

A mixture of all I guess.

I didnt know about it until my dad mentioned just now, saying that someone doubted my capabilities in completing this law degree. Who is that person doesnt matter, but as what Chiew Ee always say. Prove the doubters wrong, silent the naysayers.

I'm so gonna continue to work hard for my final year.

Times may come that because of what people say I may even doubt myself, but through my experience this few years in KL,I grow to be more confident.

Confident but play safe, that is.

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Erik Faerber said...

Being in your students is a class idea