Thursday, July 12, 2007


mum found a few lobsters... yeah hmm where is the missing piece?:P

the monks
dinner time ... eat as much as u can

the place where i repair the bike
the guy repairing
my fav breakfast stall.... chiu kuey!!
this is the outcome of my effort...

gone!the post is gone!!.... arghhh not again.... well.. lazy to rewrite anymore.. i was in muar on this particular date.. mainly for my dad's birthday.. how nice to have a birthday on this date ya .. a day where everyone can remember..however,its also juz another day of life that we need to go through... morning, i woke up early to do some final touching for my dad's cake, study a bit for business, and generally wasted the whole morning doing nothing.. lazying on the bed..oh ya, i went out the buy breakfast to pamper my stomach.. this is a must-do for me when i'm back in muar... the bike broke down in town, thank God there was no car behind me ....afternoon, went to ah kong's house ... there are quite a number of monks... chanting and performing prayers for my late ah kong i guess... the chanting really makes me sleepy i would say...Evening, i insisted that i will be the chauffer for its my dad's birthday...we went to melacca to have a simple,low profile celebration... its more to a family gathering i guess... as me n my sis was back for the weekend.we fully celebrated the whole day ... and we reach home .... exactly at 12.00 midnight...celebration is over!have my exams to worry next... forgive me .... my pictures are not in order...lazy to rearrange it ...

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