Monday, July 30, 2007

extraordinary day in college

ah pek?:P
weiling, jj, matt, and daniel
future lawyers or waiters ?haha
posing with Mr Sara(law lecturer)

before i started to write this post, i ve make a promise to my self to finish revising 1 chapter of law.. yeah i've done it .. but its already 12.34 a.m. ..... still not feeling tired as i ve slept till 8 something juz now ...this morning, when i open my eyes and took my phone to look at the time... and oops!!i'm in trouble this time... i'm late! its already 7.40a.m... normally by this time,i would have already prepare and *make up* my self and ready to go downstairs to have my cup of milo.. well, i cant turn back the clock..i rush to the wash room.. and within 8 mins i was out rite?..hmm but its clean...haha..and it was raining outside.. so i'm in a conflict of whether to sit a bus or lrt.. at last i still sat the bus..which brings me to college right on time although i'm a bit late..5 mins late.and MOST IMPORTANTLY i was not the latest..:P throughout the journey in bus and walking..i was praying that nothing bad will happen to me.. this is because normally when someone wakes up late... a lot of things will crop up for the rest of the day.. Thank God.. He had seen me through.. ok back to the is kinda special, because some of us are involve in helping up in the orientation for new intakes for alvl and also LLB...well, and its my first time standing in front of quite a big crowd of new students giving an intro before the sketch starts.before that i was not being told that i need to do dat.. so erm.. it test my impromptu skills..Its juz a short intro,but guess most of them will get the name DANIEL... haha..quite happy with it, and i enjoyed the sketch performed by my friends...the sketch is like a turning point for the orientation..before dat, it was a bit dull, and response was not that good from the new students as well... However, thanks to wei ling and matt who contributed to the turn in the orientation... went for the first session of business class.. and then escape frm the second session..i better go to bed now...if not i will be late tomolo again, and someone will be angry at me for sure ... :) Good night!

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ArieL said...

you have interesting friends to help you out in the restaurant next time :P hehehe...jst jk you guys look great. soungs like a nice day!