Sunday, July 29, 2007

A random post

hey faster open the door!
hey eyvon.. wat r u doing to jammie?:P
mee goreng pattaya...steven's corner

time flies,it has been almost two weeks since i post something as usual went for business class replacement.. supposingly i can sleep at home n relax..but i still choose to go for the class..because we will be getting our results.quite nervous at that time. hands were quite cold.Anyway thank God, i still manage to maintain my standard and results..after that, went for lunch with some of my college friends... a mixture of alvl jan/feb and march/april..went to eat *dai chao*.. the service there was really slow.waited n waited..but its nice at least we can chit chat n crap around...had some HRA(Human Rights Awareness week) and orientation meetings after that..and i need to wear FORMAL to col this monday again.its fine with least it trains us to wear nicely and neatly to prepare for our career in future..after the long winded meeting, i rush to pasar seni because i will be having CG meeting also mean i m not in the sketch team for this monday's orientation.. yeah....oops better not let the others see this post..haha waited for quite a long time and finally the bus came..Some of this drivers are really inconsiderate.they are like forced to carry out their duty and not doing it willingly.Inspite of all the uncle and aunties waiting for the man to open the bus door after a long wait.. the driver just walk down of the bus and do his own stuff without opening the door.Its good if the rapidkl ppl see this post...:)i took a picture of it.. and the uncle and aunties sort of agree with me to complain about it ..haha they speak in cantonese..i cant understand, juz nodded my head and there again smile at them. As usual, boon fetch me for CG.. we didnt watch the message and discuss, instead we were doing the pouch for the ball.We play around more than we help out.. so proud to say that.. haha .. soon it was supper time and we went to steven's corner...and yet again i have stomachache after that...
learn a new quotation today"we study and read law, to break the law, in the right way and for the right purpose" people out there.. dont you agree?.. in fact some of our rights are not being exercised and recognise in Malaysia.. as there is no specific Acts talking abt the rights of the citizens here.. better not talk to much... if not i will be in jail.. haha

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