Tuesday, August 7, 2007

dillution of the word SORRY

Sorry is a word,obviously, use to apologise for the wrong doings we have done towards an individual and even a group of people...it's a strong word in nature in the sense that to let other people know that we are remorseful for the things that we have done.In a lot of situations this word just come out so quickly from our mouth and even thoughts without us noticing it.. in other words, we say it without meaning it .well, it will be dilluted if this word is being ultered countlessly from our mouth.... it will soon lost the sincerity of the word... Sincerity can be said as an important essense and critiria in the word SORRY... So, do ponder for a while and mean it when we ulter the word sorry.... a strong word which can turn the situation better and tightens back relationships and gaps....

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