Thursday, August 9, 2007

healthy living,living healthy

when i came home from college today, i was quite tired as usual.. i went to the kitchen and check out what is for dinner tonight.. and the maid answer me ... "hari ini kakak holiday, nanti tuan bawa semua keluar makan"..i didnt have much reaction.. as i was too tired to give the end, onli i know that we are going to midvalley for dinner..its good sometimes to have some suprises or juz minor minor changes in our routine life.. rather than doing the same thing again and again everyday and nite... for students will be study study study, and adults work work work...I m really thankful that my uncle let me stay in his house... and he is never even once treating me like an outsider.. feel very warm staying with worries for laundry, no worries for food ... and got kids to play with... Anyway, we went to secret recipe for dinner...

happy kids...:Pwithin 15 minutes the food is gone!my grandma
After dinner, we went to toy'r'us... my favourite place... because till now i still like toys.. haha see!how childish i m... i ve spotted a robot dog again..quite an interesting 1 ..but i guess i shdn't buy it anymore...i'm too old for that...

notice the word?for 3 years old and above.. haha
final mock is juz around the corner... 25 days more... oops ... i need to finish reading three subjects which is law,econs and business... adding up together to more than 1000 pgs... i must keep studying alr.. but today i consider it as a rest day!... study mood starting from tomolo ... no more procrastinating daniel!!

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ArieL said... and toysrus...tsk tsk...since when do u procastinate??? all i've been hearing from your mouth is that u have work to do....