Thursday, August 23, 2007

To You

I phoned,
and get to know u r leaving,
in just half an hours time,
i asked myself,
shd i go ?
the answer in me was a yes,
i dunno why,
but i just did.

I doubted,
that i will reach in time,
cos it seems to be so near,
but yet so far.
Off i headed,
to the station but the train just left,
i doubted again,
but i insisted that i want to be there,
i waited and another came,
boarded in, out , in another, and out again,
i knew i could make it.

10 more mins,
i knew i can,
walk and run a little,
getting closer,closer,closer.
yet i cant find YOU there,
but it was juz a slip of my eyes.

The next moment,
it was YOU infront of me,
delighted, happy, and thankful.
YOU were still there.

5 more mins,
that is the only time i have,
i tried to cherish every moment,
and its time for YOU to leave,
hope YOU are not, but YOU are.
umpteen times of byes,
till YOU went up and the bus starts vrooming,
i wish i could stop YOU,
but its getting farer and farer,
i can chase no more,
at the end it's all worth while,
even it was juz a few mins,
at least the previous 15 mins was not wasted,
and not in vain..
it's all worth while,
because it was YOU....

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Nai Nai~ said...

BRo... are u serious ? lol