Tuesday, September 18, 2007

a good time with CG members..

here comes my essay, haha .. no no . i will keep it short n simple yet understandable...normally i dont really hang out with friends during weekdays... i mean i do, but then its just for yam cha or just a short chat..transport is a problem i guess.. if i m still in muar now.. then it would be diffirent all together...as for weekends,i will spend most of my time going for CG, having lunch with CG members and dinners as well after church on saturday..this few saturdays, i was a bit busy n my schedule is packed with activities.. so didnt really get to eat beef ball noodles with the usual gang..well, a short update for last fri and saturday...\

Friday: revision class till 3.15p.m, reached home at 4 something...slept.. and sek teng gave me a ride to church...Cg was cancelled...instead we have a CONVERGE weekend conference @ church... it was a beneficial and good 1 i suppose...after that, went for dinner with ariel,eyvon,mark, and yung...mee goreng for myself...

Saturday:went to college for official rotoract club launching,waited for the bus for almost 1 hour reach home @ 3p.m and guess wat... 4 o clock i will be going to church!.. literally no rest for me at all for the whole day. saturday was a bit special, went to two places for dinner!... first kuchai food court, and the second 1 ... its also my first time there... murni's in SS2.. i ve long heard bout it and the food there...but had never went there coz its far...went with lukas,mark,yung and boon how...had a nice time there though its juz normal chit chatting and eating... the food there is nice and special...reached home @ almost 11 ....too tired to do anything...have a quick bath and fall asleep...however, i was awaken by a phone call,woke up, chit chatted a little with the caller and smsed for a while... sleep back till the next morning...

*when i reached home on saturday nite, i realise my uncle's car was not there.. so i assumed no one was at home.. but then strange enough.. i heard noises from the toilet upstairs..was curious about it, and moreover based on pass experiences, i m more caution now...wanted to catch the THIEF or someone up there, only to know that it was my grandma.. haha *

take notice of the biggest cup of drink, i really wonder how yung and boon can finish it, couple of toilet visits for them after that i guess... mine was the smallest.. but it was nice:p

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Nai Nai~ said...

oi murni is dirty man lol~~ it has RATS the size of ummm ummm... a rugby ball ? LOL O.o