Wednesday, September 12, 2007

lack of motivation

after completing my final mocks,i ve lose the motivation to study n revise... no!no! this couldnt be... i need to keep running as my actual exams will be approaching soon...i need motivation ..this few days whenever i open up my book.. or revision planner...what i can see is juz plain words with nothing going it into my head.. however, still manage to push some into my brain..but its really very minimal..actually is not only studies... but also lost the motivation to do other things as wel.. juz wanna sleep sleep n sleep...can someone motivate me pls?:P

this few days i ve been sneezing a lot n nite....uncountable times...until my business lecturer say: hey friend, if you dont wan me to be sick n on MC next week, please dun sneeze infront of me.. haha ... itchy nose. . also duno why.. ppl cursing me or missing me ? nah juz joking ... even CG member,ariel wont wan to sit with me this weekend in church.. scared of my szeezing.. hehe powerful le..

Felt so restless today,and i decided to go for a jog.. erm shd say walk around OUG....a big round...following the bus route...along the way, dogs barking away at me ... i also duno why ... but i think i ve get rid of my phobia alr ...not scared of them... but maybe because they are not on the road.. they r in their owner's compound..hehe ... after that, brought the kids to the playground...suddenly feel young again! and no one dat calls me uncle there...yeah!!..

well,as usual, i like to think a lot..time zooommmmsssss...i ve been in kl for a few months alr.. and getting use to the life here... i still remember, the first day of my college life... there were onli four of us in the class ... i was thinking to my self.... hmm this couldnt be.. this is wat college life is?... but now ... hmm almost 50 in my class ... and lecturers have high hope on us ?.. hope we dont disappoint them... :P.... i need the urge to study again!!!

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Ariel said...

okies your CG member ariel sat next to take that off...hehe ^_^