Wednesday, September 5, 2007

yeah its OVER!!

hey guys and girls,ladies and gentlemen...i'm back here to blog!juz finish my final mocks exam this afternoon... wat a relieve!!Was struggling for the pass few days to read as much as possible..eventhough there r some lazy times which i prefer to do other things rather than studying...hmm ... on monday...i sat for my law paper 1 and 2... this is the sbuject which i place much importance keep it short.. i still manage to do 2 and the half essays out of 3 for paper 1.... dats not really very good!!.. daniel needs more practice writting to make sure that he can finish 3 essays within 1 and a half hour...hmm as for paper 2... Statutory interpretation came out again...anyway its a good thing.. because the other question wat about PACE Act 1984... which i cant recall much at the point of time...after completing the paper... the burden in me ...lessen by half a would say ....after dat i rush back home!.. not to study... but............ to sleep first... haha.. didnt really sleep well, all the business questions came into my mind when i m choice but to wake up and study for business..studied till nite and i slept... woke up at 5.20a.m.. oops cant sleep ady.. all those questions come into my mind again .. well i still laze on my bed till short business paper was ok ... and it was our first time doing the paper2 questions...Was lazy to study, and i slept early yesterday...went to college early today and sat in the library from 9 till 12... to read up as much as possible... and thank God .. econs paper was ok also... at least i can answer the questions... but right or wrong remains a question mark...and now yeah! i m able to have time to sit down and crap here!... hurray!.. but then, actual exams in 4 weeks time .. gottta start revising everything real soon.. hmm let me see... in 3 days ... i think i ve use 12 packets of tissue!!..anyway want to compete with me ? ...come on , i am ready for the challenge..:P

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