Wednesday, September 5, 2007

..........................fill in the blanks for me,will u ?

since it will be too long,if i squeeze everything into a post.. so i ve decided to seperate it.. ok, everyone...lets turn our minds back to last thursday....because i will start talking bout it..haha ...the night before merdeka friends were like going for countdowns and stuff, but i m staying inside my room preparing for my final mocks..there is no merdeka feeling for me at ALL!...i still remember pass few years..every year our sch will organise a merdeka celebration.. and i was involve in it as well...somehow or rather it was fun and memoriable for me although it is like a yearly routine.last years 30th nite, i was also facing exam pressure.. trials for spm.. and kebetulannya, manfred was staying @my house dat nite.. it was raining and we are studying for sejarah.. i still remember it..we were like considering whether to go tanjung for the celebration or not... we decided not to.. but then at the last few min before 12 we decided to go!..i ride on my bike and he ride on was drizzling at dat time .. and it was like supercold..we went to pick aunty eing siew.. and for the first time i fetch aunty eing siew with my bike.. can feel dat her legs keep closing.. erm wat word to use a ?towards the bike when i cutting through all those cars..was really jam .... whole tanjung is full with cars and people..we went to see the fireworks and then went in to the mini zoo.. it was the most memoriable experience i would say..the zoo was small... and it was juz like a tent...with lots of snakes and geli animals was still raining outside.. the floor is like so muddy... and it feels as though as we are stepping on the snakes...yucksssssssss!... the snake is really huge... and if it gets agitated. .. we will be in its stomach..went home drenched and all wet .... it was already 1 a.m smth near to 2.. had a bath and remember we share the same towel.. but not bath at the same time la ... haha... zooom... back to reality ... this year.. nth memoriable .... except studying in the room and sms estee...haha

As for fri,sat and sunday, monday i was alone at home ...fuh!now i know how it feels to be alone.. feel so lonely with no one to accompany, thanks to matt who come and study with me on friday... every meals on my own and eat outside... countless plates of mee goreng i ate in different places for less than a until i scared ady...the house is like so empty....unlike normal days where they will be various noises of the kids .. and the oldies dat ah ma likes to sing along with.... throughout this few days, besides exams.. another thing came into my mind... it is also something related to exam... i can still remember...march of this year.. when spm result was out... i was also alone in the house in kl..i was expecting a call from my dad saying that i have at least more than half a dozens of As...onli to know that my results was that terrible.. me myself didnt expected it and i juz couldnt accept it... my mum n dad must be disappointed at the point of time... and i took time to cool down and think....God must have allowed it for a reason.. and here comes the answer... He is teaching to be humble and more submissive to Him... "lean not on your own strenght but on My strenght"... this is what Jesus said...and this really wakes me up.. although it lowers down my self confidence, but i think it has more positive effect on me ...all i can do now is to depend on Him more than on my own for this coming a levels exam...

*i'm free this few days, and free for dates.. anyone?:P reservations needed.. haha juz jk"

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