Wednesday, April 16, 2008

oh.... i love thee...... not!

Group photo.. supposed to be a class photo but then,yeah this is the few left when we took the pics....a picture of everyone marks the end of my A level classes...BUT it does not mean i can relax!....exam stress,everything about exam is gonna haunt me for the next two months!

my second home!yeah it is ...will be spending most of my time here..if u wan to know what is STRESS....enlarge this picture and see their facial expression. own notes... you all will faint if u all try to read what i write inside

notice that? those who read my blog will notice that.. previously it was onli two rows of sticky notes... now is three rows...

its time to revise revise and revise!
plentiful of cases which i need to remember
highlighter!i need u day and nite!!
charts charts and more charts

aiyor..even when i on the computer it need to be something related to my exams... tsk tsk tsk
yeah... dats it .... this will be my life for the next two months! .... how will i be able to survive like that ... hmm i have no idea... i juz hope dat i can stick on the chair for hours per day to study... finger crossed that i wll be able to do it