Wednesday, April 2, 2008

theory of LOVE

tonight i'm so not in LOVE with my law books and stuff, decided to give my self a break from the LOVING books, because the cases are haunting me in my dreams...that is so pathetic...Today my friends...two LOVING couples ajak me to lepak in midvalley...i wanted to go .. but i'm so in LOVE with my books that i decided to stay in the library...hmm did i use the word LOVE correctly? what is the exact meaning of LOVE? i guess there are no exlusive or objective meaning of LOVE.... it actually differs from one to another ... my friends in class once asked me do u actually know that u're in LOVE... and i end up giving them a long and impressive talk(as if lah!haha) ... just like a lecturer before the actual lecturer comes in... i can talk a lot about it ....but it may be unapplicable to some... LOVE is a feeling which i would think as lasting feelings which u have for someone.. yeah lasting is the word and unchange regradless of what the circumstances is...this probably distinct LOVE from liking someone...LOVE is actually a form of commitment and obligation to the other party which you LOVE... it certainly takes commitment to maintain a LOVING relationship ....LOVE at the stage of youths are probably PUPPY LOVE...When u LOVE someone, you may want to appear to be different in front of her/him .. this is what makes one of my friend..identity protected...haha ... to say...i just get stone when i see her .... i think its pretty true... when u LOVE someone ... you tend to care more about what he/she thinks about you... so every topic that u find and talk about it .... u must think before spitting out it from ur mouth.. in the fear that the other party might change their perspective on you when u talk about a particular topic... LOVE makes people tremble.. no joke.. perhaps not physically. but mentally..On the other hand ... i would think that TRUE LOVE... yeah its something that we must work on it .. but then at the same time we must also enjoy the most out of it ...and not let the fear haunt us for being juz who we are...if a guy/girl LOVES a person, they must LOVE everything about them and not changing them to suit their own personal taste.. ok its impossible to LOVE everything about a person...but then a LOVING relationship will be/shd be a relaxing 1 rather than 1 which one parties tries to fake their personality to suit the other person... If a person LOVES you, he/she will love everything about u/or at least try loving it .... LOVE doesnt assume perfection... but works toward perfection together....

Back to the practicality of LOVE, recently.. my hang out friends which i often hang out with.. suddenly find their LOVE onces... which leave me single and being a light bulb to them wherever they go ... am i too bright friends?haha... remember 4 is better ... 5 dun look good ... :P .... but well 5 sometimes looks good as well.... haha

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