Saturday, June 13, 2009

New discovery of a new and healthy hobby..

Prawn fishing is always a no-no for me since i m least interested in it, but since yesterday, i think i should think twice.. Prawn fishing can be fun and interesting, and of course, requires patience, some luck and skills.

Had a chance to visit the fishing centre yesterday night after supper, and to my amazement, all the shops indulging in that industry is filled with lots and lots of people. Hope it will not be what people always term it as "new broom sweeps clean"...

It cost Rm15 per hour. By hook or by crook catching is not allowed, only proper fishing rod can be used. I would say that this is a much more healthier hobby as compared to going for clubbings and stuff like that..

2 hours for four big prawns were what we got for that night. Well, its the experience that matters and not the amount of it since its the first time.

First step, prepare the bait with whatever insects that best attract the big prawns

How patient someone can be, can be seen clearly on the face..

This is the reward for which the price of patience is paid.

never expected that for the last few minutes or so, i manage to catch 1 too! It is to my utter amazement and suprise. This time is purely because of luck and not skills and patience!! :)

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