Wednesday, June 24, 2009

money/values.. which of this comes first?

Past few days, samantha went to ask for a job in Kumon tuition centre, and she got to know that there are vacancies there and they are in the midst of hiring people. She went for the interview but i didnt. I message the relevant person the second day, and she said she is currently busy and will get back to me soon.

In my mind,i thought that there is no hope dy, since its a common business tactic to reject ppl using this method and excuse. Today, to my utter amazement, i receive a message from her saying that she could not hire me since i couldnt make it on thurday nites since i m currently teaching in another tuition centre. The current centre that i'm teaching only requires me to work on tueday and thursday nights. As compared to the Kumon job, i will have to work 4 days a week.. which also means that pay will be highe1

So, the options that i face is

quit the current job, go for the new job - not being responsible
continue with the current job- forget about the new job- being responsible

as i lie down on my bed just now , i was thinking how can i actually kill two birds with 1 stone and get both the jobs. An idea came to me, and i took the courage to msg my current boss and ask her about her opinion of me working for her only on tuesday nites. Waited and waited, i waited for her msg for quite some time. The normal her will reply me within minutes. Finally she replied and said she really need me on thursday nite..

there is always a midway course to take, negotiation is the key.

but sometimes this will not work as well..

Finally, i ve made the decision to stay on with my current job, less pay, more boring days .. But well, i am satisfied with the decision .. i can always scout for other jobs.. Just cant work and fetch samantha to work .. :)

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