Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tell me how to go on diet :)... food, oh glorious food!

Restoran Do Do Do, beef noodles, Tangkak

Yesterday dad brought out the idea of going to tangkak for beef noodles to tempt me, and since i didnt manage to eat it the last time i went to tangkak( seeing the last bowl taken away by others, although not from this same shop) , we went all the way to tangkak just to have our lunch. The last time we went there was like years ago.

whats the big deal of driving all the way to tangkak to eat, some even went all the way by helicopter.. no joke :)

The specialty of this shop lies in that they serve and prepare the beef soup together with the meat and insides using claypot if u request it from them . Duno whether it varies much from the ordinary bowl by bowl beef noodles, but i'm sure it has some difference in it, since the price is also different.

Served with the soup still bowling hot.

accompanied by a bowl, and hmm wait, in fact 2 bowls of noodles.. :P
Road Side "little kitchen"
This stall had been establishing its name and its uniqueness for quite some time in muar and i would say that it has now been established. Their main menu will be their various types of taiwan porridge. Different feeling all together if u were to sit there and eat,its by the road side with small stools and tables. Just one van, some attractive menue and workers, this is what makes up the business, n its earning big bucks now of course. Their business is overwhelming. Customers coming non stop.
simple yet attractive
New dish. i know there is something to do with salah but i just cant remember the name
Rm3.50 for a bowl of porridge filled with quite a number and big portion of ingredients. Its definately worth it !
Restoran Azhar - Nasi Lemak Sotong, Temerloh, Pahang
One of the must go place for breakfast in Mentakab or Temerloh is the famous malay shop which sells Nasi Lemak Sotong, it is very famous among the residence there..
Sambal sotong served with steaming hot nasi lemak.
This is how steamy it is .. :)

Tada, this is it. Dun forget to drop by if you so happen to be there!
Dun worry, i still go for my tanjung walk regularly, this shd east my guilt for eating .. :)

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