Saturday, September 5, 2009

His ways is higher than our ways,,

Just when i feel like giving up, just take the easy way, accept other ppls judgement on me, comparing me with others who are more capable in leading a club. I receive a ray of hope again juz a moment ago. Its not yet settled yet. This month will be a long and tough month for me and those who are working towards it. But, I'm sure that He will guide and lead us. Man may plan, but the ultimate planner who has His plan laid down way before us will always intervene in a right timing, not according to our standards but His. Sometimes, we just need to be a little bit more faith-ful.

He will make things beautiful in His time, and I think He will lead us through.

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erna said...

don't ever let those petty words of jealous(perhaps) men maim your efforts.

one thing for sure, ppl can never be authorised to measure effort.rmbr that.