Tuesday, September 8, 2009


My transportation fees used to be Rm2.00 per day, no matter how far i travel as long as I sit a rapid KL bus.
Yesterday, although my sisters car is at my disposal now, I've decided to try out the bus system to travel to college. I've actually already heard about the price increase... but i didnt know that it was so massive!!
Per trip now cost Rm2.50. Which means my transportation cost will be at least Rm5.00 if i would to travel to college. This is like more than 100% increase..
Sometimes, I feel that the bus company is pretty foolish to increase the price so high at 1 go, perhaps they never attended any economics class. Its so obvious that now lesser and lesser ppl are using their bus services as a lot couldnt afford the high transport fees.
At least it is still tolerable if they improve their bus service, to my utter disappointment, the bus service is bad!I waited for my bus at 9.30 smth, understandable that i miss the 9.30 bus. Soon after, another bus came, it was suppose to be the 10 o clock bus. All of us waited and waited, only to know that the bus ran away using another route! At the end we need to wait for another bus which is at 10.30a.m. .... see how much of time wasted..
Its not rapid at all. Lots of ppl, especially OUG folks are very very discontented with the bus service and the price increase.

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