Sunday, September 6, 2009

First day of my Final Part 1 Life...

This morning, i felt the strong enthusism to go for lectures after 3 months of holiday. Initially, i didnt want to attend Commercial Law lectures since I've already decided to take Evidence. Well, i still went for the class.Meaning that i sat in the same lecture hall from 10a.m. till 7 p.m.! Attended five lectures. Out of it, to be specific, two lectures i dun really get to catch the ball and understand what the lecturer is teaching, especially Law of Trust. The toughest subject in the whole L.L.B course.

Well, it feels good that I'm now in my second year, which is in my final part 1. Happy of the fact that i pass my intermediate.

As I sat down and tried to study Land Law just a few moments ago, I realise that I stared at the chapter pack and cant even understand what is it talking about,page by page i read and flip through, but I just cant understand some of the ancient english. Well, as what the lecturer said this morning, language is a hurdle in studying Land Law. I should sit in the library and conquer it tomorrow. I'm too tired to continue study, what more when I cant even understand what I'm studying..

This year is a no joke year for us, I need to get at least 480+ 3B+ or 450marks+4B+ for me to get a second class upper!

I will need to work towards it!But i wont become a nerd just to achieve that!:)

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