Friday, September 25, 2009

nothing seems to turn out right.. yesterday

It was one of my worst day ever in college yesterday. Nothing turns out rite. 1 blow after another, no end.. and i m serious about that . My principle is simple, if we want to do something, do it to the best and to the fullest effort . But in this very last minute, what i thought that i can rely on before this, turns out to be rubbish, nothing is completely done.Just talking will not bring you anyway. If you do not act, useless. You can dream, very very big dreams. But do u know whats the practical reality of it ? show me the results from now on if you are really capable of it. For all the months that i have for my holidays, sleepless night i had, just for a important night and i appointed u as the head. It was my biggest mistake. Dun ever step on my tail again, yesterdays blow was enough, you screw up everything instead of being capable of organizing. I have my studies to worry about, I have done all my part to cover up for you, but at the end, this is what i get from you . Listen up , I am not going to let you ruin the name of the club, the efforts of the past BODs.

Please be more responsible, take up the responsibilty and stop all the nonsense. This is what i ask for. You wont know what i will do, if i get another blow from you .I'm really serious about it .

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