Monday, April 12, 2010

Instinctive thoughts..

Recently my mind has been filled with the "law". In what ever I do in my daily life, the law comes into my mind.

When I went searching for a rented room, Land law principles of Landlord & Tenants comes into my mind. I told myself. I must make sure that everything is in black and white. If not I might risk the possibility of him kicking me out of the house anytime he wants! Well I've decided not to shift out till after my May exams.

There's a night when I was sleeping sweetly. My dad came into the picture. He told me this

" I want you to hold this Kancil ( a car ) on trust for your sister "

Then in my dreams I was figuring out, hmm legal title is with me and my sister holds the beneficial title to the car! Thank God, no complicated theories came into my mind if not I would have jump up from sleep there and then.

Even as I m writting this and setting a title for the post. Instinctive thoughts. Law of Evidence comes into my mind . This possibly can come under sec 118 CJA 2003 for Res Gestae where instinctive utterances can be admissible hearsay in court since there's no possiblity of fabrcation and concoction.

Well my real purpose is not to talk about all this.

Just checked my bank account. Wow, it has been considerably topped up!... This takes me back to what happened this afternoon.

I actually have this friend, who skip lunch every single day. Perhaps its due to ego, but the thing is this everytime when she takes money from her mum her mum will nag. As a result of that, she doesnt want to take money from her mum anymore. This leaves her with Rm170 dat she earns. Rm100 for phone bill. Rm 50 for transport. This leaves her with Rm20 per month.

Another friend of mine, Rm50 per week is what the father can well afford.

Res Ipsa Loquitor.

I'm considered very blessed

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