Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dan's gadget review and proposed improvements..

I've been wanting to propose to Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple to have an anti rotating screen button for Iphones/Ipod touch/Ipad since it is really annoying when the screen rotates unneccesarilly when the user is lying on the bed especially.
Guess what?Just before i can propose to him, the button is already on the newly launch iPad. Sad! There flies away my fresh idea.
Sometimes, it really matters who you are in the society. A small change/idea spoken by an important figure in that sector will be considered as "revolutionary" but what a kampung boy like me suggest, ppl will just listen and move on! :)
Like what my dad say. When Steve Jobs say something, the whole world listen. When Daniel Gan share something, only a few people will listen.
Hence, I m putting my ideas here for the improvements of the next generation iPhone/iPad and even for Apple products as a whole. Let's see how many of this ideas will turn up and be implemented in the upcoming generation of devices.
Flaws/shortcomings of the current iPhone 2g/3g/3gs/iPad
1. The device alone is hard/incapable of functioning without the user having a computer to start of with.
-As a general rule, a user must always plug in the iPhone into the computer, register the product, create an account in iTunes before the device can be said to be fully functional. This creates a lot of hassle to the users. Especially those who are not well versed with Apple products. Why make it so hard when some of the steps can be simplified. A lot of ppl are faced with the difficulties of using iTunes to sync documents into the device. I've tried explaining to some of my friends/relatives and at the end they cant catch the ball at all!
My suggestion #1
Simplify the procedures. Instead of needing to plug into the computer to do all the registering and syncronising process, just create some sort of like a registration form the moment when you start up ur new Apple device. Creates alternatives for those who doesnt have a credit card. Come on, be practicial. How many teenagers actually owns a credit card?
The term iTunes is pretty confusing. There is 1 iTunes which is for users to sync their device with the computer, another 1 which appears on the iPhone( which is a store for users to purchase their music, videos etc etc ) . At least change the names so as to not make the users confused. Users keep think that both of them are exactly the same thing when in fact, this is not really true.
2. Syncronising process
Always need to sync it with iTunes. Do not support drag and drop like other Windows based devices. Importation of pictures will not fall within the ambit of iTunes. Cannot just sync a particular section .. For example, if we were to sync the music/videos, other files will be sync as well. Sometimes user just do not want to mess with the applications, hence does not want it to sync with the computer. However there's no way to do so. If you untick the box. iTunes will treat it as you will want to take all the applications out of the device.
My suggestion #2
Improve iTunes as a whole . Its ok to continue with using iTunes, but make it a drag and drop based. Be more flexible. Virus issues might be a great concern. Undoubted. However, if everything is to go through iTunes with a simplier and flexible manner. This can be overcome. Make importation of pictures part of iTunes as well ( this is esp so for those users which uses Window based computers and laptops instead of a Mac ) . Why try to be exclusive but in the end lost some market share rite? :) Improve it so that it can just deal with 1 section and not everything at a go.
3. The outlook appearance
The look and presentation of the device as a whole is really impressive. It's a landmark for simplicity yet the amount of things they can do is amazing. However the problem lies in that the materials used are too fragile in a sense that they are easilly scratched and ugly-fied! No matter how you protect it sometimes, they are bound to be scratches!
My suggestion #3
Learn from their Finland counterparts ( Nokia ). Use materials which are not easilly scratched but at the same time it will look impressive as well. What's the use of making a user carrying the device with fear of scratching the device all the time! Trust me, even if a user were to use a silicone case and protect it whole heartedly, at the end of it , there will still be scratches every where!
Above said is the general problems of Apple devices.
Now we will look into the functionality of Iphone generally.
-The current iPhone models that are up in the market have flaws which ppl tend to overlook it in the name of exclusivity and style.There are basic functions that is not afforded by iPhone. What i mean is that it is not in build. The device itself is capable of having the functionality but just that this were not provided as one of the main features in the iPhone.
Compilation of ideas from various articles and personal experience.
1. iPhone should have SMS delivery reports
2. The date and time of each sms-es must be shown or at least checkable.
3. Capable of multi-tasking. With the latest improvements of the A4 chip. I dont think this is a problem for them if they want to afford this functionality to their users
4. Battery life must really be improved. After using iPhone 3gs for some time. I do not actually think that there is any improvement in terms of the battery life as compared to the other generation of iPhones.
5. Create alternatives for the Home button just in case sometimes it doesnt fails to function.
6. Repair and servicing fees should be reduced
7. Allow for bluetooth transferring with other devices instead of just with Apple products. It is sometimes really very troublesome needing to sync with the pc all the time if you want the particular document to be in your device ( i'm talking about original apps )
8. Make the files in the device more manageable. ( capable of being deleted and new folders created, especially for photos )
9. It's time to insert some useful apps with actually attracts businessman without having to go to app store to purchase it e.g. Microsoft Word or something equivalent to that.
10. For it to be able to remain competitive, I think its time to move towards HD screens and possibly 3D as well.
The list can go on and on. However, this is the basic improvement that can be done with ease.
A question to be pondered upon for iPad.
Is this device capable of being a substitute for a laptop?
Is it at all that good when it actually doesnt support Adobe Flash based websites when one of the hallmark of the device is the browsing net experience?
Having stated that , I'm all for Apple products. I personally like it to the max and hope to get an iPad too! Above is just my humble submission of flaws and improvements to be made. Its just like a pretty girl, must make up to make it prettier mah !! :)


S S said...

Daniel, I agree with your essay. Particularly, about the stupid iPhone screen rotation that could not be stopped. Multitasking is not allowed due to battery and memory problems - note that Windows7 mobile has also disabled multitasking and even copy/paste! There are too many stupid people around who will open a gazillion apps in the background and then complain to Apple that the iPhone is crap as it has slowed down, hung, battery died in 30 minutes etc. So, on balance, they disabled multitasking except for Apple apps like phone, sms, mail and music. By the way, it is well known that Adobe Flash is poorly designed and a CPU hog. Steve Jobs just can't stand inefficiencies and he believes Flash will kill the battery in no time.

I believe Apple designed their products as part of an eco-system, and that is why there is a need for computers to manage these phones. This way, when you go to the Apple Store to buy an iPad, you may be tempted to buy a MacBook Pro as well ;)

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