Sunday, April 25, 2010

A short but memorable trip

The journey was longer than what I've expected. Drove down to Malacca for a family gathering yesterday. Driving alone is no fun, really. Oh well, the trip was worthwhile.

Blood is thicker than water.. We had a fun time together. Ate non stop and it lasted the whole day.

And yea, I don't how I end up landing in Muar nw!! Still thinking whether to head up to KL tonight or tomorrow. As much as I miss muar and the breakfast here. I need to study!

2nd year finals. Don't play play a.

P/s: went for a movie with dear recently and as I was walking pass an authorized Apple reseller, I casually asked when wil the iPad be arriving in Malaysia and he told me maybe even end of the year!Oops, that's long!! From US is a better choice:)