Saturday, June 30, 2007

My first time

matt, theebana , and i
the girls in our team and the cheerleaders
The fu-yoh and Lord Napkin team(ALVL mar/apr)

On wed,our college organised a futsal competition in summit.Since my friends team is lack of ppl, Matt asked me to join in for the competition...suprisingly ... i was not veli reluctant.. i juz simply give a YES to him... haha...when i think back, how would i manage to play futsal and its a competition when i know nothing about it .... and i use to hate it ... maybe because i duno much about it ..well, the day finally came for my first time, we met our team members and some cheerleaders in kl sentral and then we went to summit the time we reach, we were already late...BUT ....some of them are even later than us ... so its ok ...looking at the court.. i tot it wont be hard for me ... as t he field is not veli big.. but when the match started... in proves me wrong...haha i almost died thr... juz joking .. :) its really matter what, the first time is always the best experience.. no matter what the results is ....if u guys wan to know the results.ask me personallly... i will tell u in person,but most probably u will be laughing at our team or me in particular for the whole day when u know it ... haha....on dat day it self, it was also my first time wearing two first times in one day ...:)


Ariel said... hero!!! always trying out new things...

Rodrigo said...

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