Wednesday, January 2, 2008

juz before new year.....

Planned to come back to KL on the 27th...but then decided not to.. :P...went to pahang to meet the rainbow camp campers with a few youth advisors and youths from muar.... this is my second time going ..different people, different faces... but then the town is still the same... smaller than muar!but now i realised dat there were also good food there.. which we didnt actually notice it in the year 2006..started our journey at 6.30 in the morning... woohoo!so tired...i woke up at 5.15 coz aunty eing siew was going to fetch me at 5.30.... and the previous nite.. we were having AH PENG WAN TAN MEE... with the youths... wow .... its nice to eat n fellowship together again ... and i slept at 1.a.m juz a few hours of sleep before going to pahang...In summary, we went to the elephant sanctuary, deerland and did the matthew and friends project with the pahang people at nite..second day...followed bro charles to an orang asli village and had their christmas celeb was really nice... :) headed to tasik bera after that..... by the time we reach temerloh is already late nite.. had our sumptious dinner and reach the church house at around 10 o clock...i took the lead to bath as i cannot tahan anymore..haha ... the next morning ... went for breakfast and then headed back to muar .....

this was wat they wrote in 2006 when we visited pahang... time flies:)

fat is beautiful ? :)

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