Wednesday, January 2, 2008

there are still good ppl around

have u ever sneeze in the bus and someone come to u and approach u ?had a stranger actually talk to u about ur health?had u met someone who actually take notice of u and spend time talking to u when u are a total stranger to her ?.... and yeah... today i met one!when i was boarding the bus.. i was sneezing for a couple of times... and when i was finding a place to sit... a lady tiba-tiba talk to me in cantonese... which i cant understand what she is trying to say.. at first i ignored... but she continued.. so i told her dat i dun understand ... and she translated into mandarin for me ... she say ... u need to eat more fish oil, apple and bla bla bla...i was quite suprised.. i smiled at her and proceed to my sit....this is really amazing... who will actually care for u when u are a total stranger to him/her....she did really impressed me .. the world will be much better with more of this people around

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