Monday, January 14, 2008

life goes on ......

hmm 14 days passed since the starting of 2008, and i m still surviving!!hmm hmm, lame me ... well it is time for me to start pondering again what have i done this two weeks.. so i juz sat down here and recall..:) well,my second semester had started since december last year.. and this year is much more hectic with the new topics n extension yeah, basically everyday is juz the same...with college life going to be fun rite? and i'm kinda busy as well.However what i experience through this few weeks is dat, God is using the problems i face to build me up,be it spiritually or mentally..and He had answered my prayer accordingly to His will and time.. everything is like falling in the right position and place and yeah.. Our God is an awesome God....

a problem is a problem,
when u think dat it is a problem,
a problem is not a problem,
when u think dat it is not a problem,
so how do u actually think of that prob?
a problem or not a problem?:P

Although it is a normal ordinary day that i go through everyday for the pass two weeks, last saturday, i was working in my college..hmm for the first time ...and yeah i kinda enjoyed it.. and i somehow prefer working rather than studying.. but then, well studies is still important to job is mainly to pick up calls and say.. Good morning,ATC may i help you? is daniel speaking here:).... and help out with some intake application and stuff like that ... worked till 5 o clock...was quite relaxing.. and haha of course i get paid..and when its time for me to go back.. it was raining so heavilly again!!i juz find it strange... whenever i bring an unbrella to college, it wont rain, but when i dont bring , it will surely rain... arghh!how frustrating is that .. no choice.. walk in the rain with my formal clothings.. no doubt i was wet! and ha-chiu abit.. waited for the bus to go to church.. but tunggu tunggu tak sampai, at last since i cant go back home or go to church, i ve decided to sit a train to KLCC...our college do also participate in the edu first i tot our booth will be a small 1 .. to my suprise.. wow it was huge !! it was not the normal booth...met up with theebana and the rest of my friends there.. helped out a little... and then went back home ...had my dinner ALONE:( and then headed back home ... so pathetic rite...i always dun like the feeling of beeing alone.. but sometimes day dreaming alone is fun!

Juz finish my econs assessment today, it went well and i'm having my law assessment on wed.. oh no! law of tort!! it is simply so easy...................... not!haha well, i will try my best ...

will be getting my a levels result next monday... which is on the 21st of jan...finger crossed... hope that it wont be a disappointment to my family and friends..

on 25th i will be going for a pangkor trip with other rotaract members.. guess it will be fun!coz its heavilly subsided... hahaha ... but well, i seriously need a camera.. anyone can sponsor me ?:) talking about camera makes me think of something ... but then will keep it for the purpose of another blog... and yeah .. that is basically my life for the whole January...

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