Friday, February 29, 2008

my life is not dat dull after all...

aiks looks so formal.. yeah it's meant to be a formal photo.A professional development photo for Rotaract term 2007/2008

my classmate found a good way to study without copying notes..juz take a picture of the notes and read it from there:)

went to sg wang,isetan,pavillion with daphne and jess..without matt since matt wants to go back..purpose of it is to help me find a formal coat ...walk around sg wang for almost 4 hours ... and at last i manage to buy a nice,cheap, and suitable coat in pavillion and to be worn the next day for the rotaract meeting ....lunch at teppanyaki...dat is why there is a picture of it... :)

i ve made a history in my life yesterday,for the first time i attended an election campaign talk by the opposition(DAP) in the area i m staying was a good turn out... lots of ppl flooded dat area juz to hear the talk...and guess wat ? i ve stand there for almost 3 seats no drink... nothing!back still hurts till now ....anyway .. i ve an idea in my mind when i was walking home juz now..i would suggest that the OPPOSITION parties shd be call supporting parties.. this is because if it is called opposition party..its sounds like no matter what the government do.they will juz object and oppose.. which i dun think this is the real function of the parties...they shd be the party who will be able to give out their ideas juz as the dominant parties do .. and support the dominant parties in everything...with the condition that wat they do is right la! thing i can be sure ...the political consciousness among the citizens and college students have increased a lot over the opposed to the old days, which they have the concept tat if u want a good life.. vote for the dominant parties..

ignore estee's face... haha she dont look like dat in real life... she look like that because i told her dat i will not snap her face.. onli her baju...i find it interesting ....but i onli agree with the first part.. STUDY HARD....and i will like to rephrase it as party hard and study harder .. hehe ... dat shd be the way rite ?

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