Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Hamster Year2008!

for the pass few weeks, i ve lost the inspiration to blog, although i wanted to.. but then..juz not in the mood to blog... i m feeling BORED now ....i told henry bout it ... and he says .. blog something to say dat u r bored la ...:) so here i m saying i m BORED...

The first day of CNY is tomolo, so today shd be the day where every family members gather together for reunion dinner, well till now, only 1 of my cousin is back..and my aunty and uncle from UK.. so not much reunion mood now.. still waiting for them to be back...till now what i ve done most of the days in muar is juz to stare at the computer doing nothing ....well,we did went out for supper n stuff like dat... but my companion this few days is none other than my computer.. i want to be in KL now and at the same time i wan to be in Muar as well.. but i know i couldnt...nowadays...it seems like everyone is CRAZY over pet dogs... this includes my family as well.. the dog had become part of my family....every morning .. when i m still half asleep... i will hear my dad ... said ... watson watson, good boy a .. go out shee shee...:) no doubt the dog is cute.

For every year's CNY, everyone will be rushing for new year goods,buy new clothes, jam up the whole supermarket,have meals together, drink and be merry together ... and soon .... after its over... everything is forgotten... no one remembers it anymore....new clothes will eventually become old clothes, new year goods will be used up,everyone will juz go back to their own states.... and dats all ... and this becomes a yearly routine.. year in and out...Let's celebrate this new year with some significance in it..let it be a time .. not onli to be merry, buy new stuffs and stuff.. but be a time to ponder what had been done for the pass whole year and make amendments and improvement for it.it actully provides a new start point and how u run the race for the whole year, it will depend on the plannings dat we have..we will all eventually reach the check point.... but then how we run the race is much more important .....lets not run with the world .. but run side by side with God!:) so, do we want to be the rabbit or the tortoise?

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