Monday, February 11, 2008

memoriable nite

after blogging yesterday nite, i hop on my bike and juz roam around muar. went through housing areas,big roads,tanjung, pass by my old beloved school and even muar town..its good sometimes to just relax and as i pass by those roads.memories came back to me..and it is juz so awesome...and i like the fresh air.. esp near tanjung.. it is simply so different from KL...wanted to buy fried kuey tiow from bentayan.. but it was still quite early.. so i decided to go back after that..i tot my stay in muar was juz going to end like dat ..without anything HAPPENING... for dat nite...but after a while...i received a msg from adeline wong...saying dat she is going to pick me up at 1015..this was already plan earlier.. but i tot the plan was already cancelled ... as we had spend the whole day out doing visiting and having lunch in genevieve's open house.After picking me and edmund from my we went to tanjung to see was a nite filled with stars..quite a lot of them in the sky..but then there r also lots of rubbish along the pathway.. a pathetic view..probably the workers had gone for a holiday too in conjunction with we walk along the pathway juz beside the muar river.. we could see lots of kites flying in the sky...we got excited about it and i decided to bought 1....and 4 of us....began to play wit it ... this was my first time ever playing a kite... it was FUN!It was very windy, n it makes things easier for us.. we played for a couple of hours... and then headed for supper ... went to the famous wan tan mee shop...but nothing is available for us anymore...therefore, we decided to go for malay food.. which was also beside the was really cold...edmund said .. muar is like a dessert...very hot in the day time.. and cold in the nite time ..when i reached home .. it was already 1.45 a.m. packed my stuff and off to bed i go...a nite which was dull turn out to be fun and memoriable

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