Monday, February 18, 2008


i've learned something last saturday... the word NIKE ... actually came from a greek word Nikoa... which means to win in every other words it always means to be an overcomer .... and overcome all the opponents and marketing strategy of the firm's opponent!

what God has in mind for our life?

"I came that they may have life, and have it ABUNDANTLY"

God wants to give us a life which is full of abundance.. dat we may use it to bless others as well...abundant in other words will also mean never lack of certain things and elements of life... love,joy,peace... etc etc... if we dun have a life of ABUNDANCE ... how are we going to share what we have with others? we will be probably saying to a friend who needs comfort: Hey friend, today my JOY is onli sufficient and limited to myself only, sorry a, cant share it with sad it is har?...:)

Let's receive the life that God wants to give us and what He has in mind for us!

When we receive it, we can be an OVERCOMER like Nike.. nothing will be too big and too small for us to overcome .... Let's not have abundance in lust,envyness,jealousy,and pride.. but have abundance in the fruit of the spirit that God is ever willing to give us when we willingly accept it from HIM!

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