Saturday, March 29, 2008

24 hours a day,7 days a week

i ve promised my self not to be so attach to my computer for this 2 to 3 months,ya ... i m not dat attach to my computer anymore, but then i m here to at least write down the events dat gone through my life for the pass week..I promise there will be nth about studies in this post.. and i hope i will keep the promise... :)
Last friday was Good Friday,instead of having CG we went to church for the service..the arts department produced a play which to me , is pretty good and impressive.. most importantly its meaningful.. i enjoyed it very much esp the effects..
went for dinner before the service with the CG guys, except carmen the only girl which is from PJ cg... the food was nice and with of the rain splashing and adding flavour to the dishes. well its not that bad.. haha

see.... i told ya.. the effects are really impressive.. its juz dat my pda camera cant really potray out the coolness of it .. i think i shd get my self a camera pda camera is juz not good enough..and often, i miss a lot of interesting events without taking picture of it.

Went back to muar on saturday morning, sat a taxi to the LRT station and then sit a bus back to muar ..and excuse me ... the driver tot i was from CHINA... oh man .... dat is so......... aiks ... haha nvm ... i forgive him .. nevertheless ... he is very friendly. and i realise dat he is from johor as well... i juz duno why ... now a days when i sit a taxi.. i always keep watch on the taxi meter... to make sure he doesnt cheat me with his friendly talks.. went to melacca in the nite with parents.. it was quite some time since i visited melacca.. wanted to call jenna ... but then scared to disturb her. . when i see her in college on monday .. she told me that she was actually in the place dat i was dat nite as well! what a coincident...
Sunday went for Easter service,i was almost late(which i had not ever been late before) as far as i can remember, this is because mian yi and her friends came down.. so i had to fetch them for breakfast and then to the evening ... i went to tangkak... with manfred, mian yi and her friends .... she complaint that she is hungry.. so we went for tom yam.. on the way back i ta paoed the beef noodles which is something famous in tangkak.. juz when i reach home.. mum said .. well its time for dinner .. she cooked steam boat dat nite .. notice dat.. eating none stop !..

ok.. this is mian yi ... posing in the car... have nothing better do to a ? haha juz jk

this prawn is huge isn it ? actually i can guarantee you, its actually way bigger.. juz that my pda camera cant show out the big ness of it ... never mind ... haha nice meal with mum n dad..
came back to kl on monday morning since i m having revision classes on that morning.. i tot i could make it in time for my class .. but ... the jam is horrible. .. to make things worst...i feel like peeing!can u imagine dat... 1 n the half hours.. juz to take me from near sg besi told to the hang tuah monorail station... when i reach dat station ... i cant even stand properly..dats really bad..the feeling is like ... juz feel like peeping on the spot!!Thank God the monorail station do have a toilet.. rush to college.. and i manage to join the second half of the revision class ...
My aunt actually gave me a buffet lunch voucher from Crown Plaza Hotel, since the buffet rate was RM72++...i didnt manage to find anyone who would accompany me .. no choice i had to go alone ... my first time ever eating buffet alone...pathetic har... the environment there was pleasant.. no complaints abt the food and service .. it was good ... n what more its FREE ... haha

Wednesday, matt,dd, jess and i decided to go for a movie since we are not having class in the morning .... my plan to study in the library that morning failed!! ..argh... but it was a good movie.. AH LONG PTE>...... releases my stress ... hehe...

thanks ariel for the t-shirt from bangkok.. so sweet of her to buy me something from there..
oh ya did u notice dat there is tom n jerry on the back of it ? well ya .. dats my bed sheet.. someone saw my blog and asked me ... Hey u like tom and jerry a ? morever at dat time the bed sheet was pink in colour... to answer to that ... i juz cant be bothered abt wat bed sheet i m using .. as long as i can have a good nite sleep .. its enough for me ... having everything ready for me ... what more can i expect rite ? :P .... i m always thankful for that

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