Wednesday, March 19, 2008

i shd have gone back to muar today

yesterday,my college mates plan to go lepak in KL today. as i was too tired yesterday nite..i tot of sleeping for the whole day i didnt set on my alarm clock..i slept till puas puas...obviously, i didnt go to college.. and yeah ... i m feeling ready bored now man!i should have gone back wit my uncle they all today, n if i do..i wont be writting smth here la...i m totally home alone and my friends are in sg wang n timesquare.. that is so unfair!..haha .. my fault anyway ....
well... thank God will be hanging out wit boon n carmen tonight... so can i say they save my nite ? :) and safe me from boredom as well..since its killing me .. i'm planning to go back to muar on saturday .. since i will onli be having class startin this wednesday..

* my wish/hope to get an ipod touch is alive!not to say i get it dy la, but then i hope i will get it soon, and there are good indications that i will get.. haha

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