Tuesday, March 11, 2008

1 down 2 more to go

i'm currently having my final mocks exam.the time and duration to study is seriously short..and first paper( which i sat for today) was contract and tort ...such a good combination to put them into 1 day..:) and it makes most of us suffer and some walked out the class even before the exam ends...therefore guys, i ve came to realisation of something ..... and this may be useful for those who wants to take up law... and mind u.. i'm juz a level's law student.. i ve already gone through some horrifying but undeniable truth.. here it goes...

1. for the last few days before the exam, ur butt will be glued to the same chair for hours.and mine was like from morning till night.
2.despite that, i can only manage to study two topics out of all the topics per day, if i'm fast then maybe three
3.adding to that, there is absolutely no comfirm that you will remember what u ve studied, when u enter into the exam hall, u will sometimes have difficulties cracking out the name n facts of the cases
4.without them u cannot survive.Even with them, i dont think i can survive as well:)
5.on average there are 28 cases for each topic. so it will sum up to about hundred over cases for each paper(contract and tort)
6. this will make ur head spin, and even when u r eating or in the toilet, the cases will pop up in ur head
7.Even before going to bed, when u ve forgotten a case, the names and facts, you will need to wake up and refer before going to bed
8. and even if that is so, you wont be able to sleep well.all the cases and the facts pop up in my dreams for three days i guess.. which means no good sleep for few days
9.you will tend to talk less,in the believe that if u talk more, the cases and principles in your head, u will forget
10. at the end of it, when you finish studying everything, you will feel that as though as u had not study anything!

well... u can actually change all the you to me ... coz this is wat i experience and i believe some of my friends experience that too .... so consider it first, if u like dat kind of life, carry on to take the challenge of taking up a law course!... hehe ...

this might be useful for all the past form 5 ppl who will be taking their results tomolo.. all the best

and a really BIG thank you to those who had wished me during my birthday, it is so amazing that some of them had never fail to remember ppl's birthday... i may not have replied ur msg.. but i appreciate the msges receive during my birthday ....

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